MIZUHODORI's Wall Drawing "RAKUGAKI 11" (left side)

ミズホドリの壁らくがき 11 【左側】赤と緑のクリーチャー

paint on the garage door

wall painting on the garage for agricultural tractors
the 5th “WallDrawing RAKUGAKI” in Miyakojima (Okinawa, Japan)

It was the largest mural in my artwork I drew by 2020. Moreover, because the door has vertical striped grooves, the area to be painted is larger than it looks, and it took time to draw smoothly.

After drawing with a brush comfortably, I needed to fill the gaps that the brush does not reach! On the other hand, I didn't want to arrange or organize the lines exactly. I wanted to cherish the accidental touches and drastic lines at that time. So I was conscious of not erasing the original rough and free touch.

The garage owner is a sugar cane farmer who also produces a variety of other produce and helps other farmers with a tractor. Before I started drawing, the garage owner made the wall base white for me!! He painted it evenly and efficiently with his own machine. I was very grateful. It was very helpful. Thank you so much.






work period:Jun. 2019 ー Jan. 2020
completion date:January 6, 2020

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